Andrea Ussher

Co-Founder, General Manager

Over 29 years of experience in Business Administration, I’ve been part of the leadership teams at established and start-up companies, both in North and South America. My first-hand understanding of the challenges and needs of the Entrepreneurs and Immigrants, pushed my education to new boundaries. Focused on Corporate Filings, Credit Counseling, Immigration Filing and Notary services.

Within my team, I also managed the accounting and administration services. I’m responsible for the company operations and overall planning of activities to better serve our customers.

I’m engaged in continued education and training to closely follow the pace of all new regulations and ruling.


  • 28+ YEARS experience.
  • Business Administration.
  • Start-up companies in South and North America.
  • Consulting for Entrepreneurs.
  • Immigration Filling.
  • Corporate Filings.
  • Credit Counseling
  • Notary services

Contact Info



Phone number:
+1 (786) 659-2206