Any family petition, application for residence or immigrant visa must be accompanied by an Affidavit of support, this is a document that demonstrates the sponsorship of one or more persons, whose economic status and the declaration of their duly proven income, as well as the possession of property or property, allow to ensure that such sponsorship can meet the needs and ensure that the beneficiaries of immigrant visas do not become public burdens for the American government.

The Affidavit will extend until the immigrant reaches citizen status, dies or leaves the country. May be required by Immigration or U.S. Consular Officers at their overseas locations.

Our team has great knowledge about the required forms and in the preparation of the supporting documents to put together a good file to present to USCIS, we can support you and carry out a good job together.

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The cost of the appointment is $80.

The $80 appointment is a non-refundable deposit granting an interview with the consultant. In case that the customer decides to move on with the Affidavit of Support with Albatros Consulting, this deposit would be deducted from final price. Actual/Final price vary depending on several factors to be considered during interview.