Commonly known as Green Card, it is the immigration status by which a qualifying person is granted, the corresponding authorization to reside and work in the United States on a permanent basis, in some cases is granted on a conditional basis. There are four main categories by which permanent residence can be obtained, they are: by family request, work visas, visa lottery or by asylum or refugee status.

Our team will work responsibly on your Form I-485 for excellent results, as the process of being a Permanent Resident is different for each category and will depend on whether the applicant is located outside or within the United States.

In case of a Green Card loss, it can be recovered by submitting the Application Form I-90 to Replace a Permanent Residence Card. If the application is approved, a Replacement Card with an expiration date of 10 years will be mailed to you.

The most common reasons to replace it are:

  • If the card was lost
  • If the card was destroyed.
  • If you have made name changes or any other biographical information.
  • If the contents of your card are incorrect.
  • If it was issued before the age of 14.

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The cost of the appointment is $80.

The $80 appointment is a non-refundable deposit granting an interview with the consultant. In case that the customer decides to move on with the Permanent Residence (Green Card) with Albatros Consulting, this deposit would be deducted from final price. Actual/Final price vary depending on several factors to be considered during interview.