Fiancé Visa is the petition for fiancé (a) of a U.S. Citizen

As a U.S. citizen, you can request to bring your:

  • Fiance (visa K-1) and his children (K-2 visa) to the United States in order for you to marry your fiancé; Or
  • Spouse (K-3 visa) and his children (K-4 visa) to the United States to apply for permanent resident status.

Generally, you can file a petition if you and your fiancé:

  • They are legally free to marry and plan to do so within 90 days after their fiancé is admitted to the United States; And
  • They have met in person for the immediate two years since you filed this petition, unless you can demonstrate that:

Foreign culture or social difficulties

The requirement to know your fiancé in person would violate the long-established strict customs of her fiancé’s foreign culture or social practices, and that each aspect of traditional arrangements has been fulfilled or will be fulfilled in accordance with customs or practice;

Extreme difficulties

The requirement to meet your fiancé in person would result in extreme difficulties for you.

File a Petition for Your Spouse

You can also file this petition if you filed or are filing on behalf of your spouse and want you to enter as a non-immigrant to wait for the immediate availability of an immigrant visa and file an adjustment of status application.

If you have children with your spouse, they can acquire U.S. citizenship through you.

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The cost of the appointment is $80.

The $80 appointment is a non-refundable deposit granting an interview with the consultant. In case that the customer decides to move on with the Fiance Visa with Albatros Consulting, this deposit would be deducted from final price. Actual/Final price vary depending on several factors to be considered during interview.