The work permit, known as the Employment Authorization Document, is the document by which a qualifying person is granted permission to work in the United States, and to report legally to any employer. This process is of the utmost importance because it is one of the first documents that an immigrant must obtain in order to start working and achieve his economic independence.

For your renewal it is very important that you are aware of the expiration date of the work permit and that you begin the procedure in advance so that it can be sent 180 days before  that date.

In order to apply for renewal of the Work Permit, it is necessary to complete the required forms and attach all supporting documents to it, which may vary depending on your current work and the way in which you obtained the work permit for the first time.

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The cost of the appointment is $80.

The $80 appointment is a non-refundable deposit granting an interview with the consultant. In case that the customer decides to move on with the Employment Authorization with Albatros Consulting, this deposit would be deducted from final price. Actual/Final price vary depending on several factors to be considered during interview.